Update about WordPress 6.4 issues

November 9, 2023
2 minute read

Two critical bugs were reported, causing problems with updates on servers with older versions of cURL and reference to a WordPress property that was removed. In our case, this caused issues with our internal reporting and WordPress not being able to update itself. So WordPress would run the update and then, in certain instances, would stop working.

What Was The Impact of These WordPress Bugs?

  • It seems to have affected thousands of websites and hundreds of hosts and was not related to just our specific stack.
  • It didn’t affect every site that was updated. Impacted sites included plugins that utilized the services related to the WordPress bugs.

What Steps Did ClearPG Take?

  • We discussed with our host what we thought was going on and they agreed, so we ran some tests and audited all our websites to make sure they didn’t utilize the affected plugins or resources until a fix was put in place by WordPress.
  • Based on the tests we ran, we also implemented some future-proof changes to our core WordPress stack to avoid any conflicts in the future with these specific kinds of bugs.
  • Our automatic updates are staggered, so we were able to stop any additional WordPress updates from running before all of our clients’ sites were affected.
  • For any affected site, we were able to roll back to a previous version and instantly have the site back up and running.
  • WordPress came out with a hotfix the next day, and we were able to upgrade managed hosting clients with no additional problems.