Give gifts they’ll hold onto.

As a small, high-touch, community based business, you need ways to promote your practice in person, not just online. Today’s consumer is savvy– and sometimes understandably jaded– about digital marketing. Face to face connections, meeting you and holding something from your business in their hands, makes a powerful impression on the people in your community. The ClearPG print department provides you with high quality, tangible ways to connect.

Your marketing company is the custodian of your brand. At ClearPG, we know all about your logo and palette. We know your practice’s personality and your values and how you speak about yourself. As part of taking great care of your brand identity and reputation, we create print and promotional items that uplift it.

You sponsor events, throw client appreciation parties, provide generous contributions for silent auctions, and give gifts to your staff and to new clients. You do this to be generous, and also to help keep your practice’s name in front of consumers. Few things are more frustrating for business owners than investing in promotional items for these events and wondering if they made any difference at all. Did they just wind up in the trash?

You don’t need another thing to worry about.

At ClearPG, we take the work and the guesswork out of print and promotional projects by taking care of them for you from start to finish.

We help you think about the people you’d like to reach at each event, an appropriate budget for the project, and how to choose items to give away that will bring you the best return on your investment.

When people attempt these projects themselves, we see them struggle with technical questions from supplier websites: Did I upload the correct file format? Is the logo size going to look right here, or will people need a magnifying glass? Printers can sometimes ask for more complicated things, like spot color instead of CMYK, and the next thing you know, you’re on Google anxiously teaching yourself graphic design basics.

Our decades of experience in this work let us avoid time-consuming and potentially expensive mistakes. We help you use promotional opportunities to enhance your brand identity, celebrate your community, and grow your business.

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