SEO: Your secret weapon.

At ClearPG, we prioritize compassion and kindness, but our SEO team is proud to be your practice’s secret weapon. Your SEO manager’s whole job is to understand your community, your market, and your competitors– and then to use all the tools of SEO to win for you, every. single. day.

What is SEO?

Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, is the way we tell search engines like Google that your business can provide the best answer to a search request. When your site answers the questions people in your area are asking, it not only builds trust directly with those potential clients, it also tells search engines that your site is a great place to direct people who want that same information. Search engines want to give people what they’re looking for as efficiently as possible, and we’re working to make your business the search engine’s go-to solution.

Why does SEO matter for a small business?

SEO is essential to marketing a small business because consumers make purchasing decisions using search engine results. Strong SEO means that your business is listed at the top when people search for your services in your area.

When search engines believe that your business provides people with what they want, they send more people your way. For example, if your site gives people the best answer to the question “How do I know if my child needs braces?” Google will list your website in the search results for other braces-related questions, like “best orthodontist in my area.”

This gets your name in front of your potential clients exactly when they’re looking for you.

What is ClearPG’s approach to SEO?

Our approach is rooted not only in research into your market, competitors, and community, but also in understanding how to teach search engines’ algorithms to choose you as the most desirable provider in your region.

Our general SEO service includes a targeted approach to your competitors. We not only look at keywords, but also discover the questions people in your area search for frequently, so that we can make sure you– not your competitors– are the ones answering them. 

Our local SEO service includes encouraging your patients to review your business on Google, and responding to those reviews so that Google sees your business as actively engaged with your community. We optimize your directory, making it easy for Google to share accurate information about your business, and we work closely with your office to make the most of the marketing you do in person, such as collaborations with other businesses and organizations, participating in events, and giving generously to area charitable organizations. This maximizes the digital connections between your business and other touch-points in your region, telling google that you’re relevant and sought-after.

We also put hours of research behind the writing we do for your website and blog posts. We learn about your competitors and your community, and about you and what sets your office and your approach apart. Whether we’re writing about industry specific topics or local events, all of our content is specifically geared to speak directly to consumers in a way that they can easily understand.

How does ClearPG develop SEO goals for each practice?

We collaborate with you to identify your competitors and the needs of your practice. Our ultimate SEO goal for you is always conversions– tangible growth in your business.

Our analytics measure your business and your competitors’ businesses. We compare how consistently search engines are directing consumers your way. We don’t just want any consumers for you, either. We want consumers who are a good match for your business. Do they click through on your website to explore what you do? Do they call you? Do they book appointments?

How do we communicate our progress towards those goals?

When you work with ClearPG, we know each other personally. That means that you can get in touch with us at any time to ask us questions and share information with us about what you’re seeing in your business. This open line of communication is especially important to your success with local SEO.

We also send you detailed monthly reports that include an easy to understand overview of your data. We want you to have complete information about your practice, and we don’t want you to have to become an SEO expert to understand it or the next steps we’re taking to support you.

Finally, we meet quarterly with your team. We share trends we’re seeing in your data and our strategies to support your growth. You share your big goals, needs, and plans for the coming quarter. These conversations keep you informed about our work for you and what our analytics tell us about the health of your business. They’re also critical to our ability to write content that reflects your professional perspective and amplifies your outreach to your community.

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