Three Signs That It’s Time to Update Your Website

January 13, 2024
3 minute read
In our recent update for Innovative Orthodontics, we focused on modernizing the site’s design. We also increased its speed and optimized it for mobile devices. The result is a site that’s 100% recognizable from a branding perspective– same logo, same colors– but looks fresh, and is easy for patients to use.

At ClearPG, we want your website to last for years, both functionally and aesthetically. Small site updates are one way we make this happen.

Small site updates are a great solution when you’re looking to modernize design, optimize your site across devices, and meet ADA standards for site accessibility. 

Fresh Design

Every design has a shelf life, and consumers can feel when your site is past its prime.

Designed To Last

ClearPG designs sites to last as long as possible.

  • While we build in opportunities to play with short term trends, we anchor our brands in timeless design. 
  • We stay on top of long term design trends so that your site starts off way ahead of your competition. For example, when ClearPG designs a website for an orthodontist, we don’t look at other orthodontists’ sites for creative inspiration. We view your site the way consumers do: we compare its design to great design across all industries. 


Because we anchor your brand in timeless design, it’s easy to keep it consistent across updates. You can see in the iOrtho update that all of Dr. Bills’ branding stays the same as we 

shift details like the balance of color and white space, photos, and the shape of design elements to create a fresh impression.

Our aggressive approach to design means that your site always feels modern. A modern site feel gives consumers the gut feeling that your practice and your services are up-to-date too.

Optimum Functionality Across Devices

We all know how frustrating it feels to open a site and have it load in pieces or to try to use elements of a site that don’t load correctly on our phones. A site update allows you to serve your clients and patients as you expect to be served: quickly and seamlessly.

ClearPG built iOrtho’s original site seven years ago, and consumer behavior and expectations have changed a lot in that time. Consumers close out of anything that takes more than 2 seconds to load. Approximately half of all web traffic in the United States now takes place on mobile devices, and for many of our clients, that number is 70-90%. 

Google recognizes these consumer trends: speed of a mobile website is now one of the biggest SEO ranking factors. If a site is slow or isn’t mobile-responsive, Google believes consumers won’t want to use it, so Google doesn’t send traffic in that direction.

Updating your site’s speed to meet your patients’ expectations shows them that their time and comfort matter to you. Making it mobile-friendly shows them that you care about final results. A site that loads quickly on any device also helps algorithms like you and direct traffic your way.

ADA Compliant

During this update, we were also able to optimize iOrtho’s site to meet ADA digital guidelines, which is now a standard part of all of our web development. Your patients and the law agree: your website is an extension of your office. Consistent site maintenance is part of providing access to exceptional care. 

How ClearPG Can Help

Great care is the right thing to do, and it’s great for business! No site needs constant overhauls, but changes in consumer expectation do stack up. If you’d like to explore an appropriate timeline for updating your site, we’re here to help. Email me or Brandie any time.