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You are the secret to your success.

Everyone expects expert care from professional service providers. If you’re an orthodontist, your patients expect that you know exactly what to do to give people beautiful, healthy smiles. If you’re an attorney, your clients expect that you know the law inside and out and can help them achieve the outcomes they want.

You are an expert, but your ability to meet this baseline consumer expectation– professional expertise– is not what distinguishes you from your competitors.

Instinct analysis.

Instead, people choose you over your competitors because of the gut feeling they have about your practice and how they’ll feel there.

At ClearPG, we are passionate about that gut feeling and everything that shapes it. We help you to discover and share the unique experience your business provides to clients. Their experience is shaped by your personality, your team members’ personalities, and by the values of your practice.

To thrive as a professional small business, you need to be able to communicate who you are and how you make people feel in both the digital space and in person, in your office and out in your community. We create fully custom solutions for your business in both of these arenas, from full website productions to support with event planning. We ensure that all of your outreach works together in ways that algorithms recognize and that patients and families can feel.


We’re marketing experts, and part of that is respecting how much you know about your own community, clients, team, and competitors. Everything we do for you at ClearPG begins by getting to know you, and this process never stops for us. Throughout your relationship with ClearPG, we’ll listen to you. We’ll want to hear from you. We’ll ask you questions. We’ll engage in challenging conversation with you to ensure that your business gets the very best combination of your insight and ours.

At ClearPG, we support your autonomy as a business owner. That’s why our ongoing care packages are menus: we make recommendations for you based on the goals you share with us and our analytics, but you’re able to choose the kinds of consistent support you want from us. You’re also able to add support around specific challenges or for specific projects or short term campaigns at any time. Whichever options you select, you’ll always be able to reach not just a real person at ClearPG, but a real person you know.

Help your community get to know you.

Brand Development

At ClearPG, we know that brand identity extends beyond just logo and collateral design. We develop your brand so that all of the written, spoken, and visual components of your business work together to create the same positive impact on your community’s impression of you.

Branding choices are big choices. They affect so many of the other decisions you’ll make in your business over the years. These include high-investment decisions like interior design and external signage, and high-impact decisions that affect your team’s confidence and happiness, like the color of the scrubs they wear to work every day. Your brand tone and voice should control how you speak with clients in the office, both in person and on the phone, as well as what and how you share on social media.

Our branding sessions provide you not only with an updated logo and color palette, but also with clear guidance around when to use each version of your logo and different combinations of colors from your palette. We also work with you and your team leadership to develop comprehensive guidelines on tone, voice, and visual presentation that you’ll use both digitally and in the real world.

Brand Updates

As your marketing company, we’re dedicated to ongoing upkeep of your brand. Your market is crowded– your assets need to remain fresh and relevant. We want you to stand out year after year, not just when your practice first opens.

In fact, a lot of ClearPG’s branding work is for existing practices that need to update their brands without losing traction in their communities. Many of our clients come to us at a time when they’re experiencing a major transition in their business, such as opening a new office or saying goodbye to a partner. What do you do when a partner retires and his name is in your brand’s name? We love helping clients solve these puzzles.

Our re-branding services include anything from minor logo or palette tweaks to a complete brand overhaul. At ClearPG, we don’t take over– we listen to you, we collaborate, and we offer you options.

ClearPG has the piece that larger agencies are missing: here, clients and creatives have the chance to work together, directly. We believe that the most effective marketing comes not just from expert insight and creativity, but also from listening well to you, the people who experience your practice and community every day. We love getting to know you, helping you shape your team’s passion and personality into a gorgeous, competitive, authentic brand presence that you’ll feel good about for years to come.

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