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Save your practice and your patients time by collecting New Patient and Health History data digitally, before their appointments. Our secure, HIPAA compliant forms can be completed on any device, anywhere, and are built with mobile in mind.



VirtualForms converts your existing paperwork to digital forms, preserving your voice and the questions that matter to you. It also comes with a suite of templates, from Health History to Photo Release to Privacy Policy, so that you can easily add or update the data you’re requesting.


The intuitive VirtualForms dashboard makes it easy to send patients different forms for different appointment types. You can filter, export, and sort forms easily, and see at a glance what you’ve received from the patient and what you still need. VirtualForms lets you send requests by email or SMS, so that patients can select the kind of communication that works best for them.


Why choose digital over paper? It saves trees, for sure, but it also saves your team and patients time and frustration. People hate forms! When you make them as easy as possible for patients to complete, you get better answers, and communicate right from the start that you respect your patients’ time.

Simple Pricing

$3250 Setup Fee