Celebrate moms generously. A mini family photoshoot is a gift clients will remember for years. Make it easy for them to access and download their photos later through clear and beautiful communication pieces.

Top Tips for Celebrating Mother's Day in the Office

April 5, 2024
6 minute read

Why Celebrate Mother’s Day?

With a calendar that includes everything from Christmas to World Juggling Day, we all have to make choices about the holidays our offices celebrate. Why choose Mother’s Day? 

Today, women make up to 83% of purchasing decisions for US households. Moms in particular make these decisions for every demographic: men, kids, teens, seniors, and other women. That’s a lot of consumer power, and it’s driven by the enormous amount of responsibility moms shoulder. Research tells us that on average, moms of kids between the ages of 5 and 12 work 14 hours a day. The average working mom in the US is on the clock an average of 98 hours per week. 

Mom deserves to be seen and celebrated… and taking care of her is great for business!

Make a Plan that Works for You

Celebrating Mother’s Day supports an important emotional connection with your practice’s number one decision maker. Done right, your Mother’s Day campaign will also increase your local visibility and build patient and family engagement with your practice.  

Set Goals

To make sure that your campaign makes good business sense, start with a clear goal. Ask yourself, “What do I want this campaign to accomplish?” Try to get specific. Goals for a Mother’s Day campaign might look like this:

  • Example Goal 1: Moms who are patients or have kids who are patients will have a Mother’s Day experience at our practice that is remarkable enough that they share it throughout their circle. 
  • Example Goal 2: The moms in all of our families will feel celebrated by our practice, even if no one in their family has an appointment during Mother’s Day week. 

Prepare to Measure Success

Next, set a KPI (Key Performance Indicator) for your campaign. KPIs are measurable. They let you know how close you came to hitting your goal, and ensure that you have data to help you do better in the future. To come up with KPIs, ask yourself, “How will I know if my campaign succeeded?” You can count everything from interactions with moms to social media engagement to positive feedback from patients and families. Just make sure your KPIs align to your campaign’s goal. 

  • For Example Goal 1 (above), a good KPI will involve counting the number of people who share their experience social media, the number of people (existing and new patients) who mention the experience to staff in the month following the campaign, and the number of referrals in the second and third quarters from moms who participated in the experience. Set a goal for the total number of shares and mentions and keep a log at your front desk to make counting easy for staff.
  • For Example Goal 2 (above), collect the same share / mention data explained above. Include a column to indicate whether or not the mom was in the office during Mother's Day week.

Don't stress about whether you meet the goal. Instead collect the data and learn from it. Use what you learn as a starting point for your next campaign.

Choose a Marketing Channel

Decide whether you’ll connect with moms in person, digitally, or both. To determine the best channel for your office, consider your office’s capacity: your team’s time, energy, and expertise, and your budget.

In person channels include

  • In-Office Activities or Events
  • Community Activities or Events
  • Direct Mail

Digital channels include

  • Google Ads
  • Local SEO
  • Social Media
  • Website/SEO
  • Earned Media Coverage (Backlinks, PR)

Sample Campaigns


Before we share sample giveaway campaigns, lets talk about prizes

Intentional prizes are essential to a successful giveaway. Best practice here is to choose a small or large luxury for mom that does double duty by strengthening your partnerships with other local businesses. It’s worth it to invest in something moms in your community really want: something that makes them feel special every time they use it or an experience they’ll love and share with friends. Here are a few of our ideas, but your local team is the best resource to help you choose something perfect:

  • A giftcard to a local spa, dining, or outdoor experience 
  • A picnic basket or beach bag from a local boutique filled with (local!) goodies
  • A donation to the local charity of Mom’s choice
  • Passes to a show, concert, or special event that’s coming to a local venue (maybe paired with fancy car service)
  • Season tickets to a local theater or sports team
  • Spots for Mom and a friend in a coveted class put on by another local business, like art, wreath making or flower arranging, cooking, baking, or mixology. The class should be beginner-friendly and have a stellar reputation.

Giveaway Example 1 (In-Office Focus): Queen for a Day

How To:
  • In the weeks or month before Mother’s Day, patients nominate Mom to win by writing something nice about her on a postcard. All postcards are mailed a few days before Mother’s Day, and the winner is notified personally. Don’t forget to post on social media when Mom collects her prize!
  • Custom branded postcards are a beautiful finishing touch that reminds every Mom that your practice helped her child celebrate her, and ClearPG is here to help! Crunched for time? Choose from our five ready-to-go, fully designed postcards you can print yourself:

Giveaway Example 2 (Social Media Focus): Brag + Tag

Encourage your community to brag on a mom they admire. Then choose the mom and nominator your practice wants to highlight.

How to: 
  • Create social media content advertising the contest. This can be a graphic, photo, video, or reel. The caption should explain the following rules: Make a post bragging on a mom you admire. Tag her to make her day, and use our branded hashtag to enter #iortholovesmoms. You and the mom you brag on will both have a chance to win!
  • You can choose the winning pair (the person who posted and the mom) to highlight a story you love or use one of the many free giveaway winner picker tools available online.

Mother’s Day Savings

How To:
  • Choose a popular product like Invisalign or professional whitening and offer Moms a discount if they purchase during Mother’s Day week.
  • Advertise IRL and digitally! Design an in-office advertisement. Send updates to the channels you’re already using such as social media, existing radio and magazine ads, your Google Business Profile, Google Ads, your website, and your blog. ClearPG is here to support you in customized strategy design and content- and asset creation, but sample language might look like "Save $500 on Invisalign" or "It’s your turn, Mom!"
  • Pair that language with an aspirational photo or video, like this one from Shoe Orthodontics in Hanover, PA.

Mother’s Day Photoshoot Minis

Photoshoots are a great way to generate high levels of patient engagement and long term brand loyalty. Every mom wants professional pictures of her kids and family!

How To:
  • Hire a local portrait photographer for 4-6 hours. 
  • Share a link with your patients to book 10 or 15-minute slots.
  • Give a small gift like flowers and include a gift tag with a QR code to the digital gallery where moms can find and save their photos after the photographer edits them. Make sure to include this “available on” date on the tag! If you’re short on time, send the link to the gallery by email and download, print, and choose from our custom-designed tags below for the flowers at your shoot!
  • When the photographer returns the photos to you, create a shared gallery where patients can find and save them. Email the link to the gallery to all participating families.
  • Encourage moms to share their photos on social media. In the email reminding moms to download their photos, say “We love it when you tag us!”
  • Crunched for time? Choose from our ready-to-go, fully designed flower tags you can print yourself:

ClearPG is Here to Help

Celebrating Mother’s Day is an opportunity your business can’t afford to miss. Moms work and love hard, and their purchasing decisions drive the success of your practice.

Make the most of the celebration by setting clear goals and defining aligned KPIs that give you clear information about how well your team did in meeting them. There’s nothing to fear here– KPIs are about helping you to direct your energy now, and build on your successes later. 

ClearPG is here to help you at any point in your campaign planning, from printed items to digital support that helps you spread the word throughout your community. Click and enter your email for access to assets you can print and use immediately, or contact us here for fully custom, branded options.  

And if you’re a mom yourself, or mothering anyone, thank you. Your work is endless and irreplaceable.