Welcome your reviews.

RepManager is a dedicated tool for requesting and responding to Google reviews all in one place. Why a whole app just for Google reviews?

Google reviews affect more than your reputation. The volume and regularity of reviews also impacts your SEO: fresh reviews teach Google to send traffic your way. RepManager helps you harness this powerful influence on your business’s success. It locates all of your review requests and responses in one place, ensures that every review-related interaction is true to your practice’s voice and values, and lets your whole team relax a little. We particularly recommend RepManager for practices with multiple offices.



Request reviews by texting clients individually or create a daily or weekly cadence for bulk review requests using CSV/Excel files. Every text is custom-branded for your practice.


Every Google review is an opportunity for you to connect not only with the reviewer but also with readers. You get to show them your practice’s personality– your patience, your gratitude, your accountability, your respect for your patients. For practices with multiple offices, responding to reviews has meant clicking in and out of multiple Google My Business listings. RepManager stops the madness and lets you see and respond to all of your reviews in one place. Our customized AI integration provides a fully-editable draft response to each review in your brand voice, improving response quality and consistency, and reducing training time for office staff.


Requesting reviews face-to-face can leave you and your staff feeling like you’ve turned a moment of genuine connection into a transaction. RepManager lets your team focus exclusively on getting to know people and providing great care, without sacrificing review generation and SEO results. Your business winds up healthier than ever– existing patients experience nothing but care from your team, which improves word-of-mouth referrals, and new patients keep finding you across digital platforms.

Simple Pricing

RepManager is included in ClearPG’s local SEO service. It can also be purchased separately.