Full media productions.

ClearPG began here, with custom websites supported by comprehensive photo and video productions. We offer many additional services now, but these sites, and the media and interviews that anchor them, remain a cornerstone of the marketing support we provide. When you work with ClearPG, your site really is your site: you’ll own it, not rent it. This means that any additional work with ClearPG– such as enrollment in ongoing services like site hosting or SEO support– is entirely optional.

Photo & Video.

We begin our web development process with research. You and your team talk, and we listen. We learn why your staff chooses to work with you, how they have fun together, and the challenges they help patients and families navigate every day. We learn about your professional experience and perspective, your sense of humor, and how your work aligns to your personal values.

We use what we hear from you to plan all the details of our visit to your office and community.

Our photographers, videographers, and interview team visit your office for several days, generating thousands of photos and hours of video. The media they create for you is more than beautiful: it’s real. Your photos and videos capture memories of your team’s real interactions with patients and families, and with each other.

This authenticity lets prospective patients respond to you and your team at a gut level. It facilitates match: patients who are looking for someone just like you can find you. They can feel that you’ll like and respect and have fun with them, that nothing is more important to you than their well-being.

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Intuitive design.

Your website is the digital equivalent of your office, and patients’ experience there creates a powerful first impression.

Ease of use factors like speed, intuitive organization, mobile-friendliness, and ADA accessibility tell visitors a lot about the values of your practice. If it’s hard for them to find information on your site, or it loads slowly, or doesn’t work quite right on a phone, they don’t feel like their time or experience matters to you.

We’re particularly attuned at ClearPG to ease of use on mobile devices, where 70-90% of consumer use will happen. We design on big screens, but we know that the world shops and searches and makes appointments on small ones. Every ClearPG production includes two completely separate designs, one for web and another for mobile, so you look your best everywhere.

Consumer tastes change quickly, and it’s important to us at ClearPG that your site is built last not just functionally, but also aesthetically. We don’t use templates at ClearPG, and we don’t look to other orthodontic websites for creative inspiration. Instead, we look at design across industries and organize your site to highlight what your practice offers. This ensures that your site’s aesthetic stays ahead of consumer expectations.

At ClearPG, we know access to professional care is essential for everyone, and that your website is as much a part of this access as your office. That’s why we optimize all of our sites to comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act Standards for Accessible Design.

Production costs, customized.

Every ClearPG project begins with conversations with you about your needs and goals. We develop a detailed proposal for you, outlining each piece of the project’s total scope and its cost. We then work with you to prioritize your needs to fit your budget, and help you to get the most out of your investment.

There are no hidden fees or surprise costs with ClearPG website production, and no obligation to purchase additional products, such as web hosting.

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