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ClearSocial simplifies social media planning and posting, but what we love most is how it facilitates collaboration. ClearPG provides customized social media support, and ClearSocial makes our flexibility possible.



Some of our clients prefer that we manage all of their social accounts and all of their posts, comments, and DMs. ClearSocial gives the clients peace of mind that comes with full transparency: even though they leave everything to us, they know they can see, edit, delete, or add to what we’ve planned at any time.


Other clients prefer that ClearPG act as a social media backstop. They manage their own accounts and schedule their own content, and we use ClearSocial to review what they’ve planned to ensure that it conforms to current platform guidelines. We’re also all set up to jump in to help when they’re uninspired or short-staffed. Sometimes, that means meeting with their team to help brainstorm and create a sustainable, brand-aligned cadence, and sometimes it means posting content for them. ClearSocial lets us be your social media safety net.


Most ClearPG clients prefer an active partnership with us when it comes to social media, and ClearSocial makes this possible. We manage their social media accounts, make sure that every post adheres to current platform rules, and guarantee that their practice posts 2-3 times per week, all year long. This keeps their accounts and Google My Business listing lively, and it ensures that their practice demonstrates consistency and reliability digitally, as well as in the office. Their job? The spice! When clients capture a great moment in the office or at a community event, they load pics into ClearSocial with some notes, and we’re there to write the caption. Through ClearSocial, we combine our strengths with our clients’ to maximize the rewards and minimize the risks of social media.

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