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17 Apr: 30 Days of Good News

It’s hard to look past the distressing news right now, but there are still good things happening every single day. Over the last three weeks the ClearPG team has taken it on themselves to find good, if not great, news to share with you all.

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20 Mar: Top 4 Ways To Do Virtual Meetings

In order to help you make a decision about which video platform to use in connecting with coworkers, patients, and service providers, we’ve come up with a list with details about what we like about the different messaging platforms.

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07 May: ClearPG Virtual Consult – Question and Answer

Updated FAQs 
We’ve received tons of requests to demo Virtual Consult in the last two weeks. Because of that, we thought we’d take just a second and answer some of the most common questions we’ve received about Virtual Consult. You can navigate to those questions using the menu below

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27 Mar: ClearPG Social Spyglass – March 2019 Update

We’ve heard the feedback from our users and wanted to make using Spyglass even easier and more informative for offices that are planning their social media campaigns. Additionally, we’ve added a curated section of content — “ClearPG Picks” — that will help you see the content that we find most interesting for your practice.

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03 Dec: New Google My Business Tools

Google Maps is the place where the overwhelming majority of people go when they’re looking for a business, but Facebook was the place to go to find out more information and leave reviews and comments. Google is now…

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24 Oct: Facebook 3D Pictures

Facebook recently released an option for users with certain iPhones to post 3D images. You’ve probably scrolled past one recently. It’s definitely striking and bound to make someone pause for a second and check out your image. We think you’re definitely going to want to give it a try!

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20 Oct: Facebook Live Now Allows Pre-Recorded Videos

Facebook is now giving everyone the power to create videos and then schedule them as Facebook Live videos. What does that mean? You can now schedule when you want the video to appear live. When the video goes live, your followers will be able to engage and interact with your video.

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14 Oct: Is My Practice HIPAA Compliant?

HIPAA covers what is legally expected to protect a patient’s information – diagnoses, how they are being treated, medical records, and payment information – from being shared beyond the patient and providers without the consent of the patient. A patient’s health information is prohibited from being shared beyond the health care provider.

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Starting in January of this year, Google has been rolling out the ability for businesses to upload full-length videos to their Google My Business profiles. So what does that mean for you? This means that businesses who have video content can add it to their profiles so that video will show up, just like your photos, in certain Google Search and Google Map results.

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