Make Printing Easy Again

No more dealing with hard-to-reach, frustrating, costly promotional companies. Let us help bring your idea to life!

ClearPG is now proud to offer print services and consulting for all your promotional and marketing material needs!

From T-Shirts, drinkware, hats, pens, bags to larger items like floor mats, chairs, and swag – we can print it for you!  We make the process simple, fast and cost-effective. Let us help!

If you’re interested in ordering promotional products from us, or just need help to brainstorm a promotional idea, contact us at! Or you can chat with us right now!

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Brand Your Summer Events!

Our most popular promotional products for summer events.

10x10' Tent

Available in black, white, blue, red + green

  • 1 print area – $469.99
  • 2 print areas – $519.99 (pictured)

Table Throw

6ft Table Throw – Full Custom Print

  • 3 sides (open back) – $189.99
  • 4 sides (closed back) – $249.99
  • Setup charge – $0

Sunglasses + UV Lenses

Sequoia Conjoined UV Lens Sunglasses

  • 100 – $2.89
  • 250 – $2.61
  • 500 – $2.57
  • Setup charge – $49


Custom Rosewood Stained Cornhole Game

  • 1 – $229.98
  • Setup charge: $0


Custom laser-engraved giant Jenga game

  • 1 – $160
  • 5 – $150
  • Custom carrying case – $50

Water Bottles

20 oz. Aluminum Water Bottles

  • 50 – $4.92
  • 100 – $3.83
  • 250 – $3.14
  • Setup charge – $49

Paddle Board Game

  • 25 – $26.90
  • 100 – $26.50
  • Setup charge – $56

ladder golf

Ladder Golf Game with Custom Color + Logo

  • 1 – $195.00
  • 10 – $192.50
  • Setup charge – $55

Acrylic Tumblers

16 oz. Double Wall Acrylic Tumblers + Straws

  • 50 – $5.24
  • 100 – $4.19
  • 250 – $3.56
  • Setup charge – $49

Why Use ClearPG

Simple. We can save you time, frustration, and money. We’re a highly-relational team that makes sure each client and their order meets those criteria.


Have an upcoming event or promotional need? Let us help you identify products that work best for your message!

Before we even think about payments, someone on our team will contact you directly to make sure your order is exactly what you want. We work through each order with our clients.

We usually can save you money by doing the art setup for you, first. After that, you will receive a proof that you can accept or reject with change requests. Once you accept a design proof, you will be billed. We make sure everything is just right before we bill you. However, once an order goes to print, you will be billed immediately. You can pay via credit card or bank transfer!

With certain orders, we have the option to direct-ship your order to mailing lists.

If direct shipping is a service you need, please contact us and let us know how we can help. We can usually find a solution that will help make your life easier when it comes to shipping! If direct shipping is something you want to include on your order, please let us know on the front end so we can get you an accurate quote!

All items usually ship within  2 to 4 business days of an order and can take up to 9 days for delivery.

On most orders, we ship with ground delivery service in order to save our clients money. However, we can speed up shipping times if the client needs something rushed. If this is something you feel you will need, please let us know before you place your order so we can provide you with an accurate quote as well as communicate with your print and shipping partners!

Just ask us!

We can help you create almost any promotional item you’ve ever seen.

Because of our relationships, our catalog is almost exhaustive. If you’ve seen it in someone else’s office, we can absolutely find it for you! Let us know what you have in mind and we can give you options, pricing, and guidance on what would work best for you. Our catalog is extensive! Just ask us!

Almost all printers charge a “Setup Fee.”

The simplest way to think of a “Setup Fee” is this: the act of our printers actually, physically setting up the printers, loading the correct ink colors, loading the correct templates (they have to create custom “screens” for each print!), setting up the machines, retrieving the items we provided them to print and finally testing everything to make sure that when they print 200+ of an item, they don’t have errors. This can be time-consuming.

This is not a fee that ClearPG issues. In fact, due to our relationships, we can sometimes get these setup fees waived. Rest assured, we’ll always do our best to keep the cost down and avoid a setup fee. However, setup fees are very common for promotional printing.

Absolutely! We’d love to!

Ordering large amounts of promotional materials can be daunting! Let someone on our team help you find the right item for you. In fact, we often have experience with an item you may want to be to print and can even help you understand how other businesses have used what you want to be printed.

We’re always happy to brainstorm with a client! If you have an upcoming event or are in need of promotional items, we are here to help you identify which product works the best with your branding.

Always! Always! Always!

You will always receive a proof before an order goes to print. You can accept the proof or reject it and have us make changes. The benefit of printing with ClearPG is that you have extra sets of eyes looking at all proofs on your behalf that are provided from the printer.


We’re happy to help everyone save time, frustration, and money. Just let us know what you may need!

Let’s make something together

We have a unique story with each client.

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