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Virtual Check-ins is a contactless way to streamline the process of getting informed consent, recording a temperature, as well as checking a patient in, before they enter your physical building. It streamlines communicating to patients and parents what to expect from their appointment.

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Virtual Check-Ins Basic Info

How it works + Basic Features

Custom Signage
We create signage, using QR Codes and short URLs, to be used outside your office that allows people to check in before they enter your office.
Simple, Quick Forms
Patients can simply and quickly fill out consent forms, digitally, in order to "Check-In" before they enter your office.
Check-In Notifications
Once a patient completes their consent forms, your office can receive an email, text, browser notifications, or more so you know when a patient is ready.
Temperature Check
As a patient finishes a their form, a sms with a link is sent to you, allowing your team to you to easily record the patient's temperature.
Check Results
We check answers to ensure patients meet the criteria in order to start their appointment. If there is a problem, we let you know.
HIPAA & Privacy
We've built a secure and HIPAA compliant dashboard for you and your team to access, send, download, and review your Virtual Check-Ins.
Multiple Locations
As an add-on feature, you can easily accept check-ins for multiple offices. Your dashboard will filter each office location you want to track.
Customize Questions
We give you a standard waiver to start, but you can go in and edit or add questions at any time. We've made it super convenient to fit your office's needs.
Filter & Search
With your dashboard, you can log in on any device to quickly so who's waiting, recent check-ins, who's completed, search for check-ins, and record temperatures.

If you think Virtual Check-Ins is a good solution for your office, use the “Sign Up Now” button to start.  You will be walked through the payment process as well as be given the opportunity to order printable signage for your office.

This step is optional.

We customize a web page, with a unique url, that you can text to patients the night before letting them know what to expect the next day.

Step One - PreVisit Setting of Expectations
Pre Appointment Notification
Custom Signage, using QR Codes + Short, custom urls, let patient check-in using the Signed Consent form.

A patient can quickly and easily finish their Signed Consent form from their phone using the link on the signage we created for you. The form takes less than a minute to complete.

ClearPG designs the signage for you and creates a custom QR code for you. You can pick what signage you need and how it works best in your office.

Step Two - Day Of Appointment
Patient Starts Check-In
Upon signed consent and check-in completion, the patient and their parents are reminded of what to expect.

This messaging is customized for each office and their work flow. Many offices remind the family of several things such as only allowing the patient in the office, that they will come get them from their car, and that you have taken extra precations. You can look at an example here.

Step Three - Reminder of What To Expect
Patient Finishes Check-In
This step has multiple parts:

  1. Initially, we check their responses to see if they are eligible for an appointment. If they answered in a way that requires them to reschedule, the notification messages your offices receive will say so.
  2. Then, any notifications you’ve setup (email, SMS, browser, Facebook Messenger) will be sent to let your office know they are ready to check-in.

Step Four - Office Gets Information
Office Notified
Once the office reviews the new check-in in their dashboard, the staffer can then go to the car, take their temperature, and bring them in for an appointment.

You can quickly use the dashboard to enter temperatures, see their responses, review what car they are in, and if they are eligible for an appointment. The staffer can take the same device with them every time. There’s no need for a clipboard.

Step Five - Retrieve Patient For Appointment
Bring The Patient In
Your information is stored on our HIPAA compliant servers.

You will have access to all the patient’s responses and temperatures. You will also be able to download a pdf for your records, review answers at any time, or send new Virtual Check-ins.

Step Six - How To Access Past Information
Information Stored

Our Pricing Plan

To that, we say we’re genuinely sorry. There are too many variables and too many different ways people run their office for us to effectively, and in a timely fashion, address all of that.

We designed this to fit a cross-section of the needs we were presented – and to do it quickly!

Those needs are:

1) Making sure we limit when/how people come into the office.

2) Making sure we can accommodate offices that want to take a person’s temperature.

3) Making sure we absolutely get a signed consent form.

4) Saving offices the time and hassle of having to read through consent forms.

Not such a simple answer!

Most offices are buying enough to cover the front door and other areas, meaning about 3-5 pieces per office. Do you need that many? No clue. You would know better – at the very least, make sure people can see it before they enter your office – so that means the front door.

You don’t actually have to buy signs if you don’t want. We’re just trying to streamline the entire process for you.

If you have multiple offices, please consider the following:

  • If you have multiple offices, you may need to fill this form for EACH office.
  • If each office has different people that need to be notified of patient arrival, text messages, and emails, a unique QR code and a unique set of notifications (Email and text)
  • Why? We have to create separate forms, QR codes, and notification rules for each office – for example if the person who should be notified is different at each location, then we need to sets of signs and forms, or else one person will be notified constantly at an office they are not at.

To save you time, we can do that too!

Just use the sign up for to tell us how many of each kind of banner you need.

Before we go to print, you will be sent proofs for approval.

Printing takes 2 days to print, and then about 2-5 business days for delivery.

What about rush orders?!

Let us know if you need a rush order, we can add it to the cost! Rush jobs usually go out in 1 day and are delivered in 3 business days max.

After you submit your payment, you’ll be redirected to a page where you can provide us with your office information.

This will include logos, notification phone numbers, customized verbiage you may want on the site, etc.


You’ll get access to a dashboard where you can change most of the settings, notifications and questions yourself. It also includes a live chat to our team at the office who can answer most questions and point you in the right direction!

No… and it’s not because we don’t like you!

Setting up your forms, your account, your SMS, and all your customization takes time. That time cost is spread out over three months. If you *think* you’re going to find a better solution for this, please, don’t sign up.

It’s really up to each office on determining if this solution fits for them. We’re just providing a hammer, you’ll have to figure out how to swing it.

I know it sounds silly, but we can’t make a lot of these decisions for your office and your unique workflow or situation. But we can definitely help you with some best-practices. We’ll reach out with instructions after purchase on how most practices have been using this service.

That’s up to you, however, the system was designed to have the forms filled out once a patient is at or near the office. We use signs to accomplish this.

There are a few reasons for that:

  1. We wanted signs to make sure people didn’t just barge into the office. People will absolutely forget what they’ve done the night before and will likely bring their entire family into your office, despite your having told them what to do less than 24 hours before.
  2. It the office the opportunity to communicate what to expect with the patient – i.e., things like “Only the patient can come in.” Or “We will be washing your hands immediately once you get inside.” Or “We need to take your temperature.”
  3. It helps us solve the issue of “How do we know when patients get here?” – so they don’t have to text the office, they just finish the form, and the form notifies you – all while doing a health check and getting signed consent.
  4. It gives us an opportunity for offices who need to record patient temperatures to do so in a way that is super convenient.

If only getting a signed consent form is the main goal, it’s probably easier to find a service online that lets people fill out PDFs and have them email those to you. Frankly, even for us, filling out PDF’s online is a total crap shoot and is incredibly frustrating- so we tried to solve that by using a form that creates a PDF for you.

Great question.

The reason were using signs is that we believe is the most foolproof way to keep someone from coming into your office before a consent form is signed or a health check is performed.

We wanted signs to make sure people didn’t just barge into the office. People will absolutely forget what they’ve done the night before and will likely bring their entire family into your office, despite your having told them what to do less than 24 hours before.
Many of these reasons can also be covered in the FAQ about “Can I send out these links the night before”. Please read that FAQ section for more of our logic behind using signage.

Great question.

If a minor fills out this form at your office, the email and text message notifications you receive will inform you that you need a final parents permission. The information they provide you in the form will still be recorded. It’s up to each office if they want to proceed or not.
However, in the email notification, you will be given a link that you can send to the parent to fill out the consent form and health questions as well, in order to get their signature and approve the minors responses.

Yes – every question!

We’ve added the ability in our dashboard for you to change the questions you ask on your check-in or waiver. We generate our standard form and you can go in and add or edit as many questions as you would like.

Pretty much everything!

  1. Anything that’s branded will include your logo.
  2. All the questions and any policies specific to your needs can be customized.
  3. All notifications whether email or phone can be changed at any time.
  4. The pre-visit welcome page you send to a patient, that information is all customizable.
  5. The post-form-completion message is also fully customizable.

The contracts for this is monthly! No fuss!

Your monthly subscription gets you access to the virtual check-ins dashboard and all that comes with it. The signage fees are extra and based on what you need to order for your specific office.


We hope that this service solves your needs. That’s why we’re always working on integrating new ideas and solutions that help you serve your patients better.

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Virtual Check-In Demos

You can take a demo of the Virtual Check-In yourself or contact us to schedule a time to review.

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