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App Development

A huge part of ClearPG’s solutions have involved custom web and app development.
Building great, custom tools for our clients is in our dna.

clear-pg-web-app-mockup2 Mobile and Web App Development

App Design that takes your needs into consideration.

Yep, we do app development. We love taking your ideas and turning those into products that not only help your clients but that makes your business look good. We won’t push you to build an app. If it’s not necessary, why do it?!

We work with our clients to create apps that help them solve real world problems. Giving you access to your SEO competitor assessment, making sure your business information is correct everywhere online, or helping you to market better on Facebook — these are just some of the ways we help our clients better understand and communicate well with their businesses.

  • Google Drive API and Web Portal Project Management
  • Social Media Marketing Competitor Analysis & Statistics (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram)
  • SEO and Competitor Keyword Analysis
  • Facebook Visibility App (To show most viral posts in any industry.)
  • Cloud Based HIPAA Compliant Treatment Portal for Orthodontists

We Make Apps That Actually Make Your Life Easier

mini-ipad Mobile and Web App Development

We make sure your app has a responsive design that works on any tablet.

macbook-air Mobile and Web App Development
Full Stack

Sometimes you need an app that works anywhere, including laptops and desktops.

iphone-5c Mobile and Web App Development

Whether it’s iOS, Android or a web app, we focus on delivering what you ask.

How Do We Work?

UI/UX Design
UX Design, Typography, Graphic Design, UI Design, Motion Design
Mobile Apps
App Design, Swift, Google SDK, Push Notifications, Webkit
Full Stack
PHP, Wordpress, HTML/CSS/JS, jQuery, MySQL
API & SDK Integrations
Facebook SDK, Twitter API, Google Cloud Platform, Instagram API

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