spyglass2 HIPAA Compliant Forms For Your Business

Simplify New Patient and Health Form data collection!

Want to simplify your data collection and take it all online? Clear Partnering Group has helped several clients do just this! Our solutions are custom built to cater to the needs of every client!

Clear Partnering Groups custom form systems are simple, efficient, cost-effective and secure.

Online Forms Made Easy…

It’s 2019.  Forms and data collection should be online, simple, and easy!

HIPAA Compliant
We are HIPAA compliant! Communication through Virtual Consults is simple and secure.
Simple For Patients
Potential patients can finish their consult and send images in less than 5 minutes.
Simple For Doctors
Using powerful, custom templates, doctors can finish a consult in less than 5 minutes!
Track Success
We track consults, views and estimated production so you can gauge your own success.
Easy Integration
Virtual Consults integrates with any website. Integration is simple and straightforward.
Be The First…
Be the first office a potential patient contacts. Make patients feel valued and heard.

How does this work?

Simply put, we have a team coders and developers that love solving big problems. One of the biggest problems many of our clients express is the ability to securely and easily get information from their customers, clients and patients.

We solve this problem by custom-building an application inside of G Suite that looks and performs how our clients expect. The cost is based around the time we spend building you the forms and options you need.

Initial Setup
Each Offices Needs Are Different…

…so our setup cost varies based on the number of forms we are creating and their complexity. Typically the entire cost is between $2,200 and $3,700.

per month
It’s cheap to maintain the system…

Our code is based around Google’s G Suite service. Their fee is $5 per user per month. This is not a ClearPG fee, but rather the cost of using your G Suite account.

billed hourly
No hidden fees or added costs…

Our time is spent setting up the system while building and designing your forms. Once complete, we have no maintenance fees. Change requests are billed hourly.

Take It For A Spin!

The ClearPG HIPAA Forms is best understood when experienced. Contact us and one of our representatives will walk you through the entire experience from your office’s perspective and your patients perspective as well.

We believe in this product and we’re more than happy to show it off, so request a demo today!

Simple. We have a conversation…

Most offices need just a few forms and have standard requirements for the information they collect. However, that varies from office to office. The volume and complexity of our work is determined by your needs. We figure that out by taking a look at your current forms and listening to what you may need or want to change.

That’s right! Google’s G Suite provides us the ability to write the code we need.

Basically what we are doing is using their secure, robust system to write our code. We aren’t reselling something they already offer, but rather using the tools a G Suite account provides us to set up the system and build your custom forms.

Yes and no.

Since these forms already live online, adding a link to your website that redirects to these forms is easy. The forms, however, are not hosted on your website for security reasons.

You provide the patient or client with a link to the form(s) and they complete them online. Once they are finished, you will receive a notification or email allowing you to securely log in and view, edit, or download their responses.

Their responses are saved in a secure database as well as saved in pdfs or Word documents that our software generates for you.

Sure they can!

However, most of our client’s forms are long and involved, so it’s possible that people may not want to! However, as far as the design and implementation of your forms, this won’t be a problem! Everything is responsive and designed to work on mobile phones.


We can create as many forms as you want. If the forms are similar enough (for example, adult versus child forms) we can usually save you money since these forms are often very similar.

Yes and no!

What ClearPG would be building for you collects all of your data in a secure spreadsheet on top of generating whatever style and type of document you are used to dealing with. It then securely notifies you that these documents have been created.

However,  we cannot directly integrate with your practice management system simply because most practice management software companies won’t provide third-parties (like us!) the access we need to directly input your data.

This is for businesses that want to implement online forms at a reasonable price and aren’t looking to get into long-term contract agreements. Additionally, this is for offices that don’t have another option for online form creation.

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