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Facebook & Google Ads are both powerful marketing tools. However, each market, business, or demographic will have unique needs – and may not need automated advertising at all.


You’ve heard people talk about the value of automated targeted advertising, but is it right for you – and how much should you spend?.

Relax! We’re is here to help you figure out which paid-advertising avenue works (or doesn’t!) for your business – all while only charging you for time – independently of your actual ad budget!

Honest, Cost-Effective Advertising
on Multiple Platforms.


It’s common for companies to sell paid marketing packages for thousands of dollars while not disclosing what part of the cost is their profit and is your actual ad budget.   

Firms often have a vested interest in spending as little as possible on your campaigns simply to maximize their profit. Often you never know if the campaign is truly even working! What if a smaller campaign produced the same results? What if you should stop completely?

At ClearPG you pay for what you need, receive honest feedback about your campaigns, and start or stop when you want.

The truth is the management fees should be independent of actual ad budgets – a $100 dollar campaign could take the same amount of work as a $10,000 campaign!

Additionally, that not every business, market or demographic sees significant, measurable ROI from campaigns. Many of our clients have been sold on ad techniques that only work for companies targeting hundreds of thousands of people in very large markets.

  • Management Blocks Start at $275 for any ad budget size.
  • Our pricing is independent of your ad size.
  • We’re honest and transparent about the ROI you see.
  • 3-month discovery ad set per platform to discover viability.


Tell The Truth
The Truth is your most valuable asset. We want people to see and experience who you truly are.
Focus on People
We focus on people, experiences, and connections rather than trying to sell static "products."
Tell Your Story
Every business has a unique story with unique people, experiences, and passions. We help you show those off.
Exceptional Media
Unique businesses deserve beautiful, unique media. The stories we tell for our clients look and feel special.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, there is! But guess what? It’s based on our time, just like our management fee.

Not every market demands the same involvement and some clients know exactly what they want us to target.

However, we do have the ability and experience to provide deep reporting into your regional online demographics.

We’re even able to find out which areas and neighborhoods have specific education levels as well as income levels, so you can pinpoint exactly what your desired customers, clients, and patients would look like! 

Call Us. Email Us. Chat Us!

First things first, we need to figure out if this is a good fit for you. We’re not into just throwing ads out in a market that may not require them. Additionally, we have to do some market research to figure out what areas we’d want to target.

Nonetheless, the best way to start is to just contact us. We’d love to talk to you!

Each contract is three months long, but you cancel at any time.

Why are the contracts three months long? Why not month-to-month?

The simple answer is that if you interrupt a campaign in the middle of a quarterly period, you may not be able to judge the effectiveness or return of that campaign. This puts everyone in a weird position, so we basically just make our contracts last every quarter. Additionally, ad campaign spends aren’t always linear – we may spend more in the first month than we do in the third month, and we want to be able to finish what we start.

While there are many viable strategies for Facebook and Google Advertising, we most commonly focus on ideal target demographics.

We use your market research to target the highest-performing, most-typical clientele in your demographic. Those parameters could be based on education, income level, distances, as well as likelihood to need your service. We then look at how your competitors are marketing to those same people and then differentiate ourselves.
We then go to work building advertising that is presented only to them.


That’s all part of our setup period and discussing what your goals are.

Great Question!

A monthly time block gets you the following:

  • ClearPG checks your reports and provides them to you.
  • ClearPG updates the ad sets as needed to be more competitive.
  • ClearPG checks for any errors submitted by Google or Facebook and makes those changes.
  • ClearPG discusses with you the direction the campaigns should go and their future viability.
  • ClearPG makes a recommendation on ad budget size.
  • ClearPG makes a recommendation on your ad targetting .

Basically, we become a manager of your ad campaigns and work the same way someone in your office would towards getting the best results from your investment.

Finally, we make a determination if you need more work blocks to accomplish your goals!

Our goal is to be clear, transparent, and add value.

No clue. Maybe?!

Traditional marketers will probably always say yes, but honestly, not ever demographic should be spending money on ads. We literally don’t know until we talk with you, determine your goals, assess the risk, and then put a plan into place.

If you DON’T need ads, we won’t make you pay for them. Period. 


Some businesses in certain demographics need more – some need less. You can trust us because our fee isn’t tied to your total ad budget.

We literally want what is best for your business. 

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