ClearPG is a marketing agency whose focus is solely on the service industry. We’re dedicated to solving the unique human communication problems service providers face.

Who Is ClearPG?

ClearPG is a team of marketing and media professionals dedicated to providing the service industry with tools often only reserved for large marketing campaigns, product launches and PR firms. 
Our team is made up of marketing industry professionals with extensive experience in advertising, web and application development, digital production, and media implementation.
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How Do We Work?

We can't work with everyone. Our clients have proven they actually care about their customers.
Beautiful media pieces that deserve attention. The stories we tell for you feel great and look awesome.
Tell The Truth
We don't convince you the sky is falling to push a sale. Our success is based on trust, not fear.
We're highly relational. Solving our client's problems means understanding them first.

Our Experience

Our solutions focus on web and media experiences that truthfully show off what our clients are best at. We work hard to discover what makes our clients unique amongst all the noise. We then go to work making their uniqueness their biggest online marketing asset.

Just having a web site is a commodity. Web sites are easy. Effective websites take thoughtful, effective, creative execution. ClearPG is uniquely positioned to offer businesses in the service industry something different – an online experience that has an impact.

A Big Perspective

Every creative element we make is based on research and unique client needs. It’s not just beautiful media, it’s Thoughtful, Effective Creativity. 
  • ESPN Network
  • Coca Cola
  • The Weather Channel
  • Reach Records
  • National Geographic
  • Asia Geographic
  • Audi Cars
  • Lowe’s
  • Emmy Nominated Musicians
  • Love146
  • Wal-Mart
  • Sam’s Club
  • JB Hunt
  • China, Malaysia, The United Kingdom, Germany, Palestine, Tibet, Canada, France, Switzerland, North Africa, Mongolia, Nepal, Brazil, Belarus

Frequently Asked Questions

Every creative element we make is based on research and unique client needs. It’s not just beautiful media, it’s Thoughtful, Effective Creativity. 

Of course!

SEO is something that can’t be ignored, but it’s also not as scary, confusing, or nebulous as many companies would have you believe. We utilize industry standard SEO tactics along with content strategies for maximizing your Google rankings…naturally.

However, SEO is also something we kinda make fun of around here. The tactics that are being implemented in most industries are dated, simplistic, and single minded. They ignore the most important question – “Why drive people to your website if your website is terrible and ineffective?”

The funny part (not funny), to us at least, is that most vendors or agencies will talk about it in terrifying terms where they try to scare businesses into believing it’s the most important thing they can invest money in.

Having appropriate SEO strategies implemented on your website is kind of like buying a car and having the dealer ask you if you want wheels included with said car. You don’t buy one without the other.

Yes, we can.

However, we don’t always choose to.

Why? Because we’re mean-spirited humans with no compassion? Nope! It’s simply because most of the time it takes more than just one piece of the puzzle to fix a client’s communication problems. Many clients will simply ask us to produce high-quality videos for them and then they bury it somewhere on a website that no one will ever see it. That doesn’t help anyone and a client has just paid us to do work that won’t help them.

Our solutions are holistic. If we think something we do won’t help you, we won’t do it.

It always depends on what you need.

Because our work is anything but cookie-cutter, we can’t really quote a job until we understand entirely what the overall business objectives are for a client. We like to make sure our quotes cover everything we think will genuinely help… and nothing more.

We really hate how others in the service industry charge for things the client doesn’t understand and likely doesn’t need. So with that in mind, we make sure our quotes are accurate and thoughtful.

Our quotes are custom to the client and the project. And because we didn’t really answer your question, you’re probably just going to have to contact us. We aren’t being shady on purpose, it’s just that there no good way to answer that question in an FAQ section.

In general, we’d like to be able to work with everyone, but that’s impossible.

We don’t really work with potential clients who are more interested in the appearance of quality rather than quality itself. It’s our belief that in the modern online marketplace you can’t hide your true intentions very long, and if a client thinks good marketing is just a “silver bullet” solution that you can implement once and walk away, we don’t see how we can be beneficial to that equation.

And we don’t say that to be elitist by any means, we just have found that there must be a certain level of seriousness and dedication on our client’s part.

Also, we don’t take on clients who live in North Korea.

Call. Text. Email. Carrier pigeon. Flare…

Seriously, we’re pretty easy to get ahold of. It’s one of the foundational principles of ClearPG. We aren’t the people who disappear… and if you are worried, you should ask our past clients.

Our Contact page has all the ways you can get ahold of us.

Yes… and no.

A lot of what we do can be labeled as both “Marketing” and “Public Relations” especially since we service mostly the service industry, which results in a lot of public-facing PR thought and strategies.

However, neither of these terms really encapsulate what our team considers ourselves to be. We are a group of people dedicated to solving communications problems for clients who serve other people.

Sometimes that looks a lot like marketing campaigns.
Sometimes that looks like managing a company’s PR.

However, many of our solutions have fallen completely outside both of these terms.

Consider the case of a doctor’s office. If we produce marketing campaigns and material to only get patients through the doors, we better be sure the practice is capable of facilitating growth and maintaining patient satisfaction. The office may grow too fast with the wrong kinds of patients and at the wrong time. It’s possible to ruin his clinical efficiency and his practice would see a negative return on his investment with us.

Good marketing solutions are holistic and consider all aspects of our client’s business. Marketing firms and PR firms rarely take this into account.

It depends.

Many of our projects can take up to three months to complete. Every project has multiple stages of work. We’re not slow, we’re just really invested in creating great solutions for our clients that actually move the ball forward.

We travel well.

We are lucky enough to have clients all over the place, but mostly in America. We’re big fans of travel, though. Our team consists of people who have worked professionally all over the world. We think that perspective and knowledge goes a long way and we’re proud of it.

No…but yes.

First, the concept of regional “Regional Exclusivity” is often used to scare a client into hiring/buying something before their competitors do. Most of the time that decision is made simply out of fear of missing out.

We hate how the concept is used in many medical markets because it wields fear like a weapon and forces bad decision making.

However, do have plans to ensure we never work against ourselves and strain our client relationships. If we have clients with overlapping interests, we offer plans that make sure everyone’s interests are protected

*As a side note. The next time a business throws “regional exclusivity” in your face repeatedly in order to close a sale, you should truly consider what the person is trying to sell you. It’s not always snake oil, but most snake oil is sold this way.


I get it. You really want collaborate with the guy you’ve been using because you really like him. We’re sure he’s probably a great guy, too!

However, we have seen over and over again that mixed solutions and methodologies have a negative net return for our clients. Our clients end up not knowing who to go to for help and everyone ends up wasting time and money. It’s almost better to implement mediocre strategies consistently than to mix approaches.

It’s not that we don’t like collaboration – we really do. We have some amazing and fruitful strategic partnerships. This is simply a case of too many cooks in the kitchen. We’ve been doing this a long time and rarely see collaborations like this work.

If you really can’t get rid of your guy, go ahead and stick with them. We can wait!

Our Case Studies

Every creative element we make is based on research and unique client needs. It’s not just beautiful media, it’s Thoughtful, Effective Creativity. 
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