2018 Social Media
Planning Worksheet

Some Marketing Ideas for You

This is our chance to talk about all the ideas we have for your blog and social media outlets for 2018. Some of the ideas will resonate with your office more than others and some may need adjusting to fit the office. However, the goal is to  serve as a starting point for us to brainstorm together what will work best.

These are things we are happy to explore with you anytime! Schedule a phone call with us and we can discuss further! We’re happy to help!

As always, we appreciate you guys trusting Clear Partnering Group (and our growing team!) with an honest and refreshing approach to online marketing in your area.

So let’s get to work!

The ClearPG Team

Office Blog Ideas for 2018

  • What kind of blog posts and content can we generate that is centered around the schools in the area? We want to make sure we involve them somehow in our content, especially since they are such a huge source of new patients.
  • Birthdays and Employee Anniversary(s), of course. Please Update your Profiles in our client dashboard
  • Are there community events near you that would make for great blog posts?
  • Volunteer at a food bank. Take pictures of your staff. Ask patients to help with donations. Blog about it’s importance in the community.
  • Milestones that are significant or special to the practice. I.e. grand opening, 10 year anniversary.
  • New employee introductions!
  • Major Holidays – simply wishing people a “Happy ___” shows good will and is a great opportunity for a staff picture.
  • Interview or write a spotlight piece about a local business partner (Restaurant, store, etc) or businesses that you love or have a close relationship with in your community.
  • Write about local events that your staff is involved with.
  • What are your patients up to? Any athletes/cheerleaders that might have been in the paper or students that won an award? Maybe a student that has done something good in the community volunteering? What opportunities to recognize or show support/interest in patients lives?
  • Post about myths related to orthodontics or braces. Make it humorous! Such as “Do Braces Give me superpowers?” Have multiple people in the office answer the questions. This is a way to talk about boring content in an interesting way.
  • Explore a day in the life of the doctor. Facebook Live!
  • Explore a day in the life of the assistant (almost an employee spotlight).
  • Common mistakes with braces and list all the ways that braces are actually way less awkward and cumbersome than they used to be. Surprise them with how underwhelming the list is (intentionally, because braces aren’t difficult or awkward).
  • Have the Doctor answer common questions people have about orthodontics or respond to common hurdles people have about getting braces. Consider doing it on video – we can cut the iPhone video for you. In some ways the less professional, the more believable.
  • Is one person in the office (or more) a “Foodie”, do they have recipes they love. If so, let’s talk about an interesting way for us to post their recipes online. Maybe they can make them for the office and we can post a video of everyone eating it! Maybe turn it into a series.
  • Posts about new technology that is used in the practice, but always from the perspective of why it matters and how the patients directly benefit from it.
  • Interview some of your favorite patients. Very simple questions that a teenager would be willing to answer. Did they do anything amazing over the summer break? Let’s interview them over email!
  • Have your office staff answer the question, “What were braces like when you were a kid?”
  • Cool stories from your practice. Before & after pics with a story attached. No clinical pictures, though! Gross!
  • Funny/embarrassing braces stories from patients (shared with their permission – Could be a compilation TOP 10 Most Embarrassing Braces Moments
  • What’s on your reading list with office examples and interviews from people about what their favorite books are.
  • Five Great Reasons to Visit Our Practice this Summer (Even if you don’t have an appointment!)
  • Announcement of Mouth Guards during football season

Have you added staff? If so, you can log in to your Client Dashboard and let us know!

Contest Ideas for 2018

We generally don’t run more than four contests a year due to diminishing returns and we also want to avoid the look that we are constantly giving things away simply for exposure.

  • Snap Chat Contest
    • A contest where people compete to get the best selfie of them in the office. Winners are voted on by staff and we can track the entire contest on the website, showing off each person’s entry.
  • In-Office Pumpkin Carving Contest (or Cake Decorating Contest,etc)
    • Have a contest in the office, among staff, seeing who can carve the best pumpkin and let patients vote on it.
    • Hold a contest with patients, as well. Have them take a picture of their pumpkins and post it to Facebook or Instagram and we can track the contest on the website.
  • Area High Football/Basketball/Sports Score Predictions
    • Hold contests and ask people to help you predict the score. Weekly winners along with season winners. We can even make it into a bracket.
  • Certificate for a certain amount off braces
    • Could be a paid ad on Facebook targeted on people who are not currently clients.
  • Christmas Wish Contest
    • Take nominations for someone in the community to give a better holiday to. You could decide what that looks like: Gift card for presents, groceries, a Christmas meal.
  • Best Braces Selfie Contest
    • Have patients send in selfies in their braces….could be an ongoing all the time thing…4 winners per year? Could put the top 10 in a blog post & have people vote

Additional Ideas

  • Food trucks! Are there any food trucks in your town? Invite them to park in your parking lot one day for lunch and promise them you’ll tell all your friends.
  • Continue to use Facebook Galleries for your deband photos. If you are having issues or questions about this, let’s chat!
  • Deliver goodies to local law enforcement, local teachers, schools, classes, or public services in the town that you, as a business, appreciate.
  • Consider holding an “Open House”.
  • Consider holding a “Mom’s Day” in the office where you give moms of patients a free Invisalign “Scan” and show them what their teeth could look like. Make it classy, low key, and special.
  • Authenticity, transparency of the business: Facebook Live, Instagram Stories, Snapchat shows people the real people behind your office. Makes people feel connected/in community with your office.
  • Businesses adopting a cause, not just charitable giving. Blog post or Facebook Live on location. Could be on your website as tab “We Support CAUSE.”
  • Video: Include videos in your blog posts to get higher engagement. The video doesn’t always have to come from you. You can embed a YouTube video into your post.
  • Building trust through relationships. How? Patient-generated content. Contributes to the word-of-mouth type of marketing. Examples: Selfie contest tagging the office (could be Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram Stories or posts), encouraging them to Check-In at the office.

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