Next Steps!

Here's everything you need to get started!

Here’s everything you need to get Virtual Consult up and running!

Thank you for submitting your payment and activating your ClearPG Virtual Consult subscription. We’re here to help you walk through the process!
There are just 3 steps to get started from here:

Step 1: Complete this form.

This is where you’ll give us all the basic information about your orthodontic practice, authorized users from your office, and any referral partners you want to set up at this time. We’ll use this information to set up your Virtual Consult profile, all of your branding, and finally your messaging templates. This goes a long way towards getting you started! If you have questions about this form, please contact us!

Step 2: Schedule a walk-through of your account.

Once you have completed the form above, we’ll have all the information we need to immediately set up your account. At that point, it’s time to walk you through the system! We’ll schedule a screen share to talk through any final questions or concerns you have and show you where to go to customize your templates (if needed).

Step 3: Add Virtual Consult to your website.

Virtual Consult is easy to install and can be added to any website. After your profile is all set up, we’ll send you the quick-start guide with your unique code to give to your developers.

Step 4: Review best practices.

Once everything is up and running, we have a list of suggested “Best Practices” that will help make Virtual Consults an amazing tool for your practice.

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