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Spy on what’s happening online…

The ClearPG Social Spyglass lets you see everything happening online in your industry. Find proven ideas for your blog posts, contests or social media. See daily analytics on what your competitors are doing all while you find content that works! Use our Power Search function to find anything you want!

Spy on your industry…

Want to know what works on Facebook? Running out of ideas on social media and your curious to know what everyone else is doing that actually works? 

See What Really Works
Find posts that have gone viral in your industry on any subject. See what works and why. Social Spyglass will help you find it!
Search Your Entire Industry
Find local, regional, and worldwide posts on any topic that have gone viral and see how they did it!
See All Your Competitors
See what all of your competitors are posting about all under one place, why, and how it's performing.
Accurate Topic Suggestions
See relevant news going on in your community and globally with access to news stories, videos, suggestions, holidays and events.
Easily View Your Success
Quickly see how engaged your users are on Facebook. We show you what you need to do to win against your competitors.
See How Much People Paid
With quick analysis tools, see whether a post has organic reach or how much someone paid to get the engagement they have!
Live Notifications
Get notified the second something important happens! We notify you of local, regional, and national trending Facebook posts.
See Who is Winning
We list out which offices are creating the best content. See where your office lands on our Top Lists!

See everything…

On Facebook, knowing what works and what doesn’t used to be a full time job! We’ve taken what used to require a team of people tracking your industry on Facebook and put that same information into one easy-to-use, searchable, sortable dashboard!
The ClearPG Facebook Spyglass turns anyone in your office into a social media wizard!

Take It For A Spin!

The ClearPG Social Spyglass is best understood when experienced. Contact us and one of our representatives will walk you through the entire experience from both your office’s perspective and your patients and client’s perspective as well.

We believe in this product and we’re more than happy to show it off, so request a demo today!

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