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Simple, Secure, HIPAA-Compliant Online Form Collection

Our online patient forms are secure, simple, easily-manageable. Our goal is to make this easier on your patients and your team at the same time.

HIPAA Compliant Forms
HIPAA compliant, trackable patient forms! Our system is secure and 100% HIPAA compliant.
Send Form Requests
Send patients form completion requests directly from our dashboard - by both email and SMS.
Happier Patients, Better Answers
People hate forms! - Our forms are intuitive and easy - making for happier patients and better answers.
Full Dashboard Support
A dashboard makes it easy to filter, export, and sort forms - see what you have or what you're missing.
Multiple Form Support
Health History, Photo Releases, Office Policies and Privacy Policies and more - as well as custom forms.
Convenient Notifications
Set up text or email notification for anyone on your team to receive form submissions upon completion.

How Do Secure Online Forms Work?

One of the biggest problems many of our clients express is the ability to securely and easily get information from their customers, clients and patients.

We solve this problem by custom-building an application that looks and performs how our clients expect. Your HIPAA compliant secure online forms are designed for your office, and you pay upfront – rather than huge fees over a long time.

About ClearPG’s Online Forms

Packed With Features

Our forms are designed to make your life easy:  Sort, find, manage all your patient forms online – securely!

Easily Find What You Want:  Don’t spend time trying to find the forms you want!

Easily request the forms you need:  Don’t spend time bugging patients for forms.

Everything’s Included

Our Pricing Plan

Additional Forms (Privacy, Photo Release, Office Policies, etc) available on request

    Let’s Get Started!

    If you want a demo, contact us and one of our representatives will walk you through the entire experience from your office’s perspective and your patients’ perspective as well.

    If you’ve already seen Secure Online Forms in action and want to skip the demo, let us know, and we’ll start the setup process immediately!


    It’s secure, trackable, and stored on HIPAA compliant servers.

    You can download a pdf of any of the patient forms from the dashboard. The pdf’s are securely sent to any email address you set up as well!

    In order to access the dashboard, there is a $13 monthly fee.

    This simply covers our infrastructure cost for setting this dashboard up for you. That’s it.

    We can do it!

    We have extra forms we can create for anyone wanting to use the system which will easily integrate to your dashboard.  These extra forms start at $250 to set up, and you’re never billed for them ever again. 

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