This application is in beta testing right now and will be rolled out

ClearPG’s Facebook Spyglass Application gives you access to everything that has happened in your industry on Facebook. You can easily see what is working and has been successful for practices nationally. You can then sort for any effective Facebook post by region, event, or topic. Imagine being able to see exactly what contests are working this year. Or what offices are doing for Valentine’s Day, Christmas, New years?

Not only does ClearPG’s Facebook Spyglass give you a detailed view of everything happening in your industry, it helps you create that content on your own via regional suggestions. You can know exactly what is happening in your market on Facebook.

  • See exactly what is working on Facebook for offices worldwide.
  • Trending Topics and Facebook Suggestions
  • Local Topics and Facebook Suggestions
  • Local Trending Facebook Posts
  • Facebook Competitor Trending Posts
  • Facebook Regional Trending Posts
  • Facebook National Trending Posts
  • High-level Comparative Research and Analysis
  • National Comparative Research
  • Competitor Facebook Stats and Standings
  • Competitor Facebook Scorecards
  • Add multiple competitors
  • Define Search Radius for Topics and Research
  • Compare competitor’s past top posts by topics
  • Request copy or post be created based on one you like


Tell The Truth
The Truth is your most valuable asset. We want people to see and experience who you truly are.
Focus on People
We focus on people, experiences, and connections rather than trying to sell static "products."
Tell Your Story
Every business has a unique story with unique people, experiences, and passions. We help you show those off.
Exceptional Media
Unique businesses deserve beautiful, unique media. The stories we tell for our clients look and feel special.

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