ClearPG Virtual Consults
Development Roadmap
(Last Edit: March 10th, 2019)

As ClearPG Virtual Consults starts to see the light of day, we wanted to take a second and share our vision.


We believe that as the dental and orthodontic industries continue to progress with telemedicine, offices are going to need tools that can adapt to the industry and compete with large, direct-to-consumer companies. We believe strongly in the values, experience and quality that dentist and orthodontists provide. Because of that, we proud to build tools that can help orthodontists stay relevant as the industry progresses.

Virtual Consults is just one tool that can help quality, reputable practices compete in a rapidly modernizing, online environment. We believe in this tool and hope that our clients and customers find it as useful as we do.

At our core, we are problem solvers – whether it be marketing solutions or applications. Because of that, we believe we’ll never be done making our applications better.

Here are our goals for Virtual Consults in 2019 (And beyond):

Automation Changes:

  • Add the ability to automatically follow up with patients who haven’t viewed their consult (eta April 2019 Complete)
  • Add the ability to choose how you follow up with a patient under certain conditions (read report, not responded, etc) (eta April 2019 Complete)
  • Further expanded template variables options for more flexible consultation messaging – city, office, doctor, etc (eta April 2019 Complete)


  • Provide options for our clients and users to integrate with most major PMS solutions (eta unknown)
  • Expanded website integration options such as left/right align, menu integrations and link-based requests (Complete)


  • Provide users with real-world office use cases and how they integrated it into their office (eta April 2019 In Progress)
  • Provide best-practice suggestions for how to write language and build on responses (May 2019 Complete)
  • Repository of 30+ marketing graphics for Instagram, Facebook, Social Media, and Blogs including marketing verbiage. (Complete)
  • Video Tutorials and Walkthroughs (Complete)

UI/UX Changes:

  • Streamline how we visualize valuable information on each report, ie, what information do doctors need to see (eta April 2019 Complete)
  • Integrate more customization options in our settings panel (eta May 2019 Ongoing)
  • Ability to customize the look and verbiage on the widget to allow Virtual Consult to feel more seamless and integrated to your website. (Complete)

Feature Updates:

  • Add the ability for clients to define the styles and colors of their consult request widgets (eta, May 2019 Complete)
  • Integrate two-way texting direction into app in a way that makes sense and can coexist with offices pre-existing sms solutions (eta, Q4 2019)
  • Integrate Emergency Care notifications and tracking into our system (eta, Q4 2019)
  • Integrate Retention and Observation cases into Virtual Consults in a way that adds value (eta, Q4 2019 Complete)
  • Add the option to send to desktop evaluations (eta, May 2019 Complete)
  • Ability to load in, if desired, a secure video message with each consult response (eta Q3, 2019)
  • Add additional informative links or videos directly to the reports provided to patients (eta Q3, 2019)
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