Clear Partner Group's
Client Dashboard

Never Fear – Your Dashboard is Here!

So one of the challenges we’ve faced over the years is making sure our clients know as much as possible about what we do for them on a monthly basis.

What we’ve learned from watching other businesses is that there has to be clear and constant communication between a business like ours and it’s clients. We honestly never want people to look up and wonder what it is we do for them. This new dashboard is our honest effort to put that information in your hands on a daily basis.

Dashboard Main Features

  • Routinely Rebuild and submit sitemap to Google.
  • Report on SEO visibility, changes, and keyword suggestions.
  • Overview of site health and monthly maintenance.
  • Access to Clear Partnering Groups proprietary dashboard which tracks specific keywords, groups, metrics, and competitor analysis.
  • Our team will analyze and update keyword sets on your website according to recent changes in the market Monthly and Bi Weekly, or as needed, for faster market changes.
  • Included a dynamic table that shows you all the important files, links, and articles we’ve sent out that are specific to you.

But Wait, There’s More…

In the dashboard you’ll be able to see tons of information like:

  • How many patients have contacted you through your website
  • How many hours we’ve worked for you and on what specific tasks, as well as any upcoming or outstanding tasks.
  • We even show you how your website is performing from a very detailed SEO perspective and compare that to your competitors.

On top of all that, we give you insight into some of the less seen visible aspects of our job, like:

  • Monthly important security patches to your website.
  • Daily backups
  • When we manually rebuild and resubmit your website to Google
  • Even things like spam, malicious login attempts, and performance tests we conduct on your website.
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