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We have some exciting news…

One of our big projects over the last 18 months has been the creation of a “Dashboard” that helps keep our clients in the loop and provides valuable insight on a lot of what we are seeing in the market as we make decisions. We want you to see things like where you stand in the marketplace, important business links, online contacts through the website and all the technical and non-technical fixes we work on, which are often out of sight. Our goal is to show you how we are keeping you relevant in the market.

We’re proud to say that the dashboard will be rolling out in beta form as soon as possible in the next few weeks. You can take a quick tour of the dashboard and see everything it has to offer in this video.

And Your website got better…

The last four months have been a whirlwind of back-end updates on all our client’s websites. ClearPG purchased a much faster and more reliable server which has resulted in significant, noticeable speed and performance increases already. All websites have already been seamlessly moved to our new server.

In addition to the server, we’ve  further optimized all of our websites to new standards Google is pushing. We want to be ahead of the game rather than just up-to-par, so we’ve taken steps to ensure that’s the case. Below you’ll find everything we’ve worked on behind-the-scenes in the last 100 days.

Website Updates

  • (SEO) – Rebuilt location landing pages on all sites
  • (SEO) – Updated and refreshed all keywords on all sites
  • Updated all our client’s websites to HTTPS (vs just http) for speed and security enhancements
  • Updated all of our client’s websites to http2 for significant speed increases.
  • Reduced the load time, on average, for all our client’s websites by 40%.

Google Centric Updates

  • Updated all clients Google Page Speed rankings for better performance and better SEO performance.
  • Updated all clients Google My Business profiles to match Google Maps new services and guidelines.
  • Re-wrote how we submit all clients websites to Google.
  • Manually re-indexed all our client’s websites on Google.
  • Manually re-indexed all website 404’s or redirects with Google

Ongoing Updates

  • Moving all our Clients Youtube Accounts over to be associated with your Google My Business accounts. Google now knows that all your business accounts are associated with your videos, meaning those videos will be more relevant moving forward.
  • Updating all Vimeo and Youtube videos to have Closed Captioning.
  • Updating all clients Youtube channel branding and links

SEO Updates

  • We’ve made some small changes to the way we track all of our clients SEO profiles in order to make our reports more precise while allowing us to compare business sectors rather than just total regional or national visibility. These changes will be reflected in the dashboard.
  • Additionally, we’ve added new landing pages to each of our clients for increased SEO visibility
  • We are starting to phase out old, competitive keyword phrases for more specific visibility reports

One more thing…

Over the last two years, the ClearPG team has moved into online application development. We now have two significant business directions. The first is providing world-class marketing to the service industry. The second is solving big problems with application development while we seek to solve our client’s unique challenges.

Over a year ago, we set out to tackle Facebook research and visibility for our clients. Our goal was to build a suite that helped manage Facebook accounts by showing what “works” on Facebook both regionally and nationally, all while giving our clients immediate visibility on what your competitors are doing online as well.

We’re excited to debut ClearPG’s Facebook SpyGlass. Facebook SpyGlass will be a stand-alone service in the future. We are planning on beta testing it with all our current retainer clients in the coming month.

For a sneak peek of what all it does, check out the video below. We couldn’t be more excited about SpyGlass.

Facebook SpyGlass has tons of features:

  • See regionally or nationally trending Facebook posts over any time period.
  • See exactly what your competitor(s) are doing on Facebook, daily.
  • See the most valuable Facebook topics for every office, worldwide, and over any time period.
  • See how well you’re doing on Facebook compared to your competitors.
  • Search Facebook over the last six years for any topic that received great exposure.
  • Search Facebook specifically for posts about holidays, events, giveaways, etc
  • SpyGlass makes content suggestions for you based on regionally, nationally trending topics
  • SpyGlass shows upcoming holidays and content suggestions.
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