Virtual Check-In Sept. 30, 2020

Over the past month, we’ve been working with our app server partner to increase the speeds our clients are seeing through Virtual Check-Ins. We believed we had solved the issue. However, as of this morning, we saw a single delay of 9 minutes. While short, this is unacceptable for us. We determined to seek a different solution. Presently, we’ve made the decision to move on to a much more robust server environment which we know will provide long-term, true, stability.


That means this afternoon, from 2:45PM – to 3:15PM CST, we expect a slight slow down in our system during peak usage. Because of this, we felt like this fix was urgent as to not see future delays. So this evening we will be migrating to our new servers.

You will be notified once the system is completely restored.

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