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27 Mar: ClearPG Social Spyglass – March 2019 Update

We’ve heard the feedback from our users and wanted to make using Spyglass even easier and more informative for offices that are planning their social media campaigns. Additionally, we’ve added a curated section of content — “ClearPG Picks” — that will help you see the content that we find most interesting for your practice.

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23 Jan: Common Online Scams 2018

The service industry is by no means immune to scamming techniques. We regularly see fear used to sell marketing techniques that are better suited for selling Swiffer Sweepers to broad audiences than we do marketing techniques used to sell someone on a legitimate experience. Having an online presence for your business today is that it comes with a healthy dose of attention we don’t really want from scammers. It’s our goal in this article to cover some of the most common scam attempts we’ve seen.

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18 Jan: How To Leverage Citations for Better Local Search Visibility

What Are Citations?
Simply put, citations are a fancy internet term for any online reference to your business. Citations generally include your business website, name, address, and phone number among other things. Like backlinks (websites who link back to your website), Google uses them as a factor when evaluating your ranking position. Examples of citations webpages include Yelp!, Bing, Yellow Pages, FourSquare, Google Maps, City Squares, Chamber of Commerce, Merchant Circle, as well as close to 50 other websites.