Our Big Ol'
65 inch 4k TV.

It feels ridiculous when you see a 65″, 4k TV hanging on the wall in our office…

Before you ask. No, sorry. It’s not for  Netflix…mostly!  One of the things the ClearPG team is always getting better at is serving our clients. As our team grows, making sure everyone at ClearPG has a full understanding of each of your unique situations and needs is crucial.

So why the TV?

While 4k is amazing, it’s not the actual TV that is important. Every day when our team arrives at the office, we’re greeted with this giant TV that contains an up-to-date report on each of our clients SEO performance, web contacts, social media performance and upcoming tasks that we are working on for each of you. On top, and maybe more importantly, it shows our team crucial information about how your competitors are doing also! What we ended up creating was a dashboard that tells us if we need to take action every single day.

That means every single day, our team sees a 30,000-foot view of what’s going on in your online world.

You have much of this information at your disposal as well in your individual dashboards. We take that raw information we get, process it, and send it on to you.

Our goal is to never be surprised.  That’s what our clients pay us for. Because of that, a 65-inch 4k screen TV has become just another way we are trying to use innovation to serve our clients.

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