Why The Service

One of the questions we get asked often is why we specialize in the service industry.

Our team at ClearPG is frequently asked why we chose to focus on the service industry above all else. It’s a good question since so many marketing firms spread their talents out across any industry that could use their services. For us, the desire to focus on serving other people seemed natural for a lot of reasons. We wanted to take some time and cover the reasons we chose to focus our efforts on the service industry specifically.


There’s a legitimate need

We recognized a need for high-quality marketing services and media in the service space. We knew it was time for something different, something that served and accentuated what makes businesses in this space unique. Quite honestly, it’s as simple as that. Most of us have worked in the marketing industry most of our lives and we saw and felt that the tools being used to market products were being used to market people and relationships.  When a person, experience, or relationship is treated like a product it feels disingenuous.


There is a lot of BS out there

We noticed agencies selling fear. One of the things we see that we hate is when a marketing agency paints a picture of doom for a potential client and then suggests only they have the key. We feel like this is most prevalent in the service industry, possibly because the service industry has a high amount of owner/operators who know the stresses of owning, building, and running their own business and fear can take a foothold with all of us who have built our own businesses from scratch. Our desire is that ClearPG always tells the truth to our clients and alleviates fear, rather than profits from it.


We’re a team of highly relational people.

Relationships are what get us excited. We want to help businesses that have the same focus, desire, and seriousness in serving their clientele better. We really do want to see businesses that love serving people be presented in a way that they deserve. We love seeing the relationships that our clients have with their customers, patients, and clients. We know how valuable it is to protect those relationships and show them off.


Experiences are more important than “Features.”

We firmly believe that people buy experiences rather than lists of features. Specifically, in the service industry, people make decisions based on relationships, trust, and their gut feelings about a business or a person. Products sell features whereas people need to be sold on relationships. Our desire is to represent businesses in a way that minimize transactions and maximize experiences.

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