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During COVID-19

Virtual Consult is a marketing tool that orthodontists all over the country have been using to provide the quality and experience of seeing an actual orthodontist — with the convenience and flexibility customers have come to expect online. In response to the Covid-19 outbreak, many orthodontic offices have temporarily closed or have restricted the number of patients they’re seeing in the office in an attempt to flatten the curve — and ultimately protect the most vulnerable in our communities. But that doesn’t mean they’ve had to stop taking new patient exams or even stop checking in with existing patients.

Here’s how orthodontists in the US are using Virtual Consult to keep business flowing despite Covid-19:

The Benefits of Using Virtual Consult to Manage Your Practice Throughout The Coronavirus

  • Receive Inbound Leads
  • Maintain Current Inbound Leads
  • Use Virtual CheckUp to Keep Up With Current Patients
  • Keep Patients & Staff Safe
  • Partnerships & Collaboration
  • Talking about Virtual Consult on Social Media
cpg-virtual-consults-1030x767 Here’s How Orthodontists Are Using Virtual Consult to Support New and Existing Patients Through Covid-19  - Clear Partnering Group - Orthodontic and Dental Marketing

Receive Inbound Leads

Potential patients can complete a Virtual Consult in less than 5 minutes! In return, an office can review a case and respond with a personalized report in less than 5 minutes as well!

Virtual Consult allows patients to connect with an actual orthodontist — from the safety and convenience of their own home. With pre-built, personalized templates, you can quickly and easily respond to their unique case with treatment options, pricing, and financing options. Virtual Consult helps you build a relationship with potential patients before they even come to your office. It’s a way to show them that you’re available even during this time of uncertainty, and more than that — that you care about their unique situation, and you want to make it easy for them to get the care that they need.

Maintain Current Inbound Leads

To retain patients who have already expressed interest and scheduled new patient consultations, many offices are reaching out directly and moving these leads to Virtual Consults. This allows you to maintain a relationship with these patients and to share feedback, treatment options, pricing, and to walk them through financing options. Once your office is back up and running, they’ll be ready to complete the clinical aspect of their consultation and start treatment.

Use Virtual CheckUp to Keep Up With Current Patients

Even while their offices are closed, many orthodontists are using Virtual CheckUp to keep in touch with existing patients. You can send a Virtual CheckUp to your patient on an individual basis — or share the link to your custom Virtual CheckUp landing page, so any patient can submit their photos and information.

Virtual CheckUp is a way to show your existing patients that, even though your office may be closed, you’re available and you care. It may be that waiting a few extra weeks between their next in-office appointment is totally fine —and with Virtual CheckUp, orthodontists are able to communicate that to their patients, with the confidence that their actual doctor has checked in on their progress.

Keep Patients & Staff Safe

The CDC suggest virtual visits to prevent infection and avoid exposure. Being able to connect and diagnose remotely can help patients feel seen, heard and valued at a time when many patients are looking for reassurance from their providers.

Built For Partnership & Collaboration

Virtual Consult is making it easy for dental partners and orthodontists to securely collaborate. Virtual Consult makes it easy for a partnered pediatric office to refer to their orthodontic partner, or for a dentist office to provide a value-ad to their patients by submitting observation cases directly to your office for review.

Talking about Virtual Consult on Social Media

Now more than ever, people are being bombarded with bad news on social media. Frankly, it’s exhausting. Virtual Consult gives orthodontists the opportunity to stand out and share something fun and positive on social media. Many orthodontists are getting a huge positive response and inbound traffic to their Virtual Consult from social media.

Virtual-Consult_horizontal-450x85 Here’s How Orthodontists Are Using Virtual Consult to Support New and Existing Patients Through Covid-19  - Clear Partnering Group - Orthodontic and Dental Marketing

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At ClearPG, it’s our opinion that there are too many ‘scare tactics’ used by orthodontic vendors to pressure practices into buying things they maybe don’t really need. While it has it’s place, “Regional Exclusivity” has been one of the tools vendors use to apply pressure and close a sale.

Our company culture is to provide actual value. We don’t believe fear-driven sales.

So, we do offer exclusivity simply because many practices have asked for it. Do you really need it? It’s impossible for us to say. Exclusivity is offered to annual membership plans only.

If this is something you’re interested in, don’t use this form! Please contact us directly ( and we’d be happy to quickly walk you through the details.

While Virtual Consult may convert patients on its own, ClearPG has the best results when Virtual Consult is integrated into your marketing or advertising plan. Virtual Consult requires consistent traffic to an office’s website or social media outlets in order to meet an average conversion rate. Otherwise stated, Virtual Consult requires patients to be presented with the opportunity to use it. Social media and website traffic will affect its usage rate. On average, Virtual Consult converts 1 patient for every 1,000 visits to a website organically. That number may increase by up to 4 times for any office which uses best practices to promote it on their website, explains what it is, and has a solid social media presence. On average, offices are seeing one Virtual Consult case per week and converting close to $23,000 of production per month. That said, these averages are only estimations of effectiveness and ClearPG makes no guaranties or warranties regarding results. Results may vary.

Simply put, an office’s results with Virtual Consult will vary depending on multiple factors:

  • Appropriately placed CTA’s.
  • Social media presence, activity, and network.
  • An office’s current website traffic.
  • The ability for a user to find and understand Virtual Consult on an office’s website.
  • The ability of the office to appropriately respond to an inbound VC.
  • Internet access.

The contract and EULA (End User License Agreement) is right below your payment options. On a desktop, it’s off to the left of this FAQ section. On mobile, it’s likely above this FAQ section. You have to click that you’ve read the agreement before you can submit a payment. This is present to you in the application as well. If you’re curious about what it says, here is a link!

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