Google Rankings and SEO Update for June 2021

What You Should Know About The Latest Google Core Update(s):

  • A Core Google Algorithm Update happened in June.
  • Another Core Update is scheduled for July.
  • How ClearPG deals with these updates.
  • Expect Fluctuations.

What Is A Google Core Update?

Core updates are a big deal because they affect how our clients’ search results are ranked or prioritized in organic search results and in the local pack. Simply put, Google is updating its ranking algorithms and we all need to pay attention.

How Do Core Updates Work?

Despite what many SEO companies would have you believe, Google is less mysterious than you think. In general, they tend to communicate often and clearly with the community, just not about exact details when it comes to their search algorithm.

However, when it comes to Core Updates, they are typically cryptic. Google almost never lets the public know what has changed and how it will affect a company’s rankings and overall SEO health. When this happens, it’s up to the community at large to figure out what’s changed. The communities the ClearPG team frequents are adept at figuring out changes quite rapidly.

What Is ClearPG Doing For Your Business?

In light of this Core Update, “What is ClearPG doing for my business?” Here is our process for discovering how Core Updates affect our clients:

  1. Plug into the communities that are dedicated to deciphering core update changes.
  2. Closely monitor what changes we see — adjust content accordingly.
  3. Closely monitor competitor rankings during core update rollouts — adjust content accordingly.

Those three things pretty well summarize our approach.

What Should My Business Expect:

In the short term, our clients might see volatility in Google rankings. Although Google has said not to expect huge fluctuations and that most websites shouldn’t experience changes, that’s not what we’ve seen. However, over time, we have seen these fluctuations normalize back to where rankings were previously.

ClearPG has seen significant fluctuations in the local pack and Google My Business insights since Mid-April. In some cases, it’s caused our clients to experience either huge jumps or huge dips — which skews month-to-month reporting either aggressively positive or aggressively negative.

Additionally, some of our broader community partners have reported significant fluctuations, specifically in the medical industry. Our approach for these kinds of unexpected fluctuations and core updates from Google is to wait and see where local packs and Google My Business rankings stabilize, then audit competitors.

Non-Core Google Changes Worth Mentioning (Google Page Experience):

  • Google will continue its push to make website speed a more significant ranking factor. New changes for this are set to start rolling out in June and to finalize in August 2021. Google is calling this update “page experience update.”
  • ClearPG will soon start work on our client’s mobile websites to meet those criteria. Firstly, we will focus on making sure videos no longer load on mobile along with a series of other technical changes that prioritize initial loading speed.
  • You can read about those changes here:  Google Page Experience Update: June 2021

Final Thoughts:

We know most of y’all think of SEO as a dirty, four-letter word. It’s our hope to communicate about SEO in a way that doesn’t stoke fear. Frankly, there’s no real magic to SEO.  It just takes time: time for reading, time for updating, time for understanding, and time for changing content to match the new rules of the game. If you or your team have any questions about this update, please let us know!

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