We bet you’re probably kinda tired of reading about bad news these days.

It’s hard to look past the distressing news right now, but there are still good things happening every single day. Over the last three weeks the ClearPG team has taken it on themselves to find good, if not great, news to share with you all. We hope these stories of perseverance, generosity, healing, and fun will help make your day a bit brighter.

Here are 30 awesome things happening right now–

Ocean_1200x628-1030x539 30 Days of Good News


Scientists working across four continents have created a tangible road map for restoring marine ecosystems to healthy levels by 2050.  Read more!

Panda_1200x628-1030x539 30 Days of Good News


If you thought the “tiger caught the coronavirus” story was the surest sign yet that we’re doomed, take heart. A theme park and zoo in Hong Kong brings us a ray of light. Two giant pandas at Ocean Park successfully mated naturally — a rare feat for pandas in captivity– after 9 years of trying. If Ying Ying and Le Le can persevere, surely we can too, right?  Read More!

Restaurant_1200x628-1030x539 30 Days of Good News


Humans are always pretty good about stepping up when other humans need them the most. Eleven Madison Park in New York is serving up meals to New Yorkers in need. They expect to serve 10,000 meals by the end of April.  Read More!

Music-Class-1030x539 30 Days of Good News


Mr. Kevin Brawley recognized that many students have had a hard time navigating the changes of mid-year virtual schooling. His live music lessons on YouTube help children of all abilities stay connected with their creative sides.  Read More!

Air-Quality-1030x539 30 Days of Good News


Mother Nature is making the best of our collective nightmares as the self-isolation necessary to combat the Coronavirus pandemic has observably reduced human pollution to historic levels.  Read More!

Florist-1030x539 30 Days of Good News


Upon hearing of the mandatory shut down of flower shops across Massachusetts, a kind stranger bought one florist’s entire inventory and distributed giant bouquets across his town.  Read More!

Patriots-1030x539 30 Days of Good News


The New England Patriots are using their team jet to fetch and deliver a million N95 masks from China. They are planning to do another delivery of 500,000 more masks next week!  Read More!

Husband-1030x539 30 Days of Good News


This one got us right in the feels. Jerry and Beverley had a very emotional reunion when he returned home after being quarantined at a nursing home to surprise his wife on her 84th birthday. Trust us– watch the video. Just grab some tissues first.  Read More!

Wildlife-1-1030x539 30 Days of Good News


Love is in the air! With reduced traffic noise, animals are able to communicate with each other more easily. Conservationists are hopeful this Spring will provide improved mating opportunities for bats, birds, and other animals.  Read More!

Chalk-1030x539 30 Days of Good News


A New Orleans artist with a flair for sidewalk chalk has been leaving colorful and positive messages outside the hospital to brighten the day of healthcare workers.  Read More!

Grandpa-1030x539 30 Days of Good News


Baby Elliana’s biggest fan is always nearby, even if he can’t hold her at the moment.  Read More!

Turtles-1030x539 30 Days of Good News


The endangered Hawksbill Sea Turtles enjoyed a tranquil, stress-free hatching season on the empty beaches of Brazil this year! Godspeed, tiny turtles!  Read More!

Dating-1030x539 30 Days of Good News


This one’s a typical love story– you know… boy sees girl, boy sends love note to girl via-drone, then picks her up for their date in a giant plastic bubble. The usual.  Read More!

Speeding-1030x539 30 Days of Good News


When this Minnesota doctor got pulled over for speeding, she expected a ticket. Instead, the trooper came back with N95 masks for her to take back to the hospital!  Read More!

Rhinos-1-1030x539 30 Days of Good News


The African black rhino was poached until near extinction, but numbers of rhinos in the wild have risen at an annual rate of 2.5% over the past six years due to conservation and protection efforts. Black rhinos are still in danger of becoming extinct, but the small increase gives hope that protection efforts put into saving the species are beginning to pay off.  Read More!

Math-Teacher-1030x539 30 Days of Good News


When a student struggled to learn graphing functions virtually, Mr. Chris Waba showed up on the student’s front porch for a one-on-one lesson.  Read More!

Hospital-Staff-1030x539 30 Days of Good News


Healthcare workers all over the world are working their tails off right now to keep everyone healthy and safe. This hospital in Spain thanked their cleaning crew with a round of applause for all of their hard work during the COVID-19 pandemic. Because they couldn’t do it without them!  Read More

Thailand-Elephants-1030x539 30 Days of Good News


COVID-19 is responsible for the release of 78 elephants in Thailand! They have typically been used by tourists, but for the first time in 44 years, the chairs on their backs have been removed– for good.   Read More

Pets-1030x539 30 Days of Good News


In other good animal news, pets from animal shelters are being fostered by tons of amazing people with big hearts. Hopefully, this means a lot of pets will be finding their fur-ever homes.  Read More!

Medal-of-honor-1030x539 30 Days of Good News


You probably remember this amazing story– Keanon Lowe took a gun away from a young student attempting to take his life by hugging him. Well, he’s going to get an impressive award for his heroic act!  Read More!

Boy-Scout-1030x539 30 Days of Good News


Wearing face masks all day non-stop is painful. One incredible kiddo is using his 3D printer to create “ear guards” so medical staff wearing face masks all day don’t have sore ears at the end of their shifts– and he’s sharing his file publicly so that anyone with a 3D printer can make them also!  Read More!

Unemployment-1030x539 30 Days of Good News


One very kind man in Australia handed out $100 in cash to each one of the hundreds of people standing in the line outside of the unemployment office.  Read More!

Bagged-Lunches-1030x539 30 Days of Good News


One Maryland mom is helping hungry neighbors in her community by making hundreds of free bagged lunches each day.  Read More!

Newlyweds-1030x539 30 Days of Good News


When Fiona and Adam Gordon postponed their wedding reception, their caterers encouraged them to donate their wedding food to their local hospital. Their generous donation fed over 400 hospital workers.  Read More!

Dolly-Parton-1030x539 30 Days of Good News


If you don’t think Dolly Parton reading a bedtime story is adorable, you’re lying. Also, she just donated 1 million dollars towards COVID research. We could all use a little extra Dolly right about now.  Read More!

Yale-1030x539 30 Days of Good News


Yale is making one of their most popular classes, “The Science of Well Being” is now available (for free!)  Read More!

Father-Daughter-Dance-1030x539 30 Days of Good News


The kids were bummed when their school dance was canceled but Mom & Dad decided the party must go on!  Read More!

Cards-to-seniors-1030x539 30 Days of Good News


Many nursing home residents are trapped in isolation. One way people are helping to keep the elderly from being so lonely is by sending cards and letters to help brighten their days!  Read More!

World-Kindness-1030x539 30 Days of Good News


Photographers from all over the world were asked to share their kindest photos… if these don’t make your heart feel warm and fuzzy, we aren’t sure what will.  Read More!

hungry-hungry-hippos-1030x539 30 Days of Good News


You’re going to want to watch this video. It’s exactly as awesome as it sounds.  Read More!

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